About us

Based near Paris, PixieShade-Studio is a young french  indie development studio that self-product his own creations on mobiles plateforms. 

 PixieShade-Studio first objective is to develops and publishes games they are, NiceIntelligent and Fun and all of that optimized for use on a large panel of plateforms and devices.


We create games...

We work in video-game industry since 27 years.

We've developed on the first personal computers, the first consoles 8 Bits, 16 Bits, 32 Bits and NextGen.

We've also participated in some of the great titles of the french video games history such as :


  • Pang
  • Tennis Cup
  • Croisière pour un cadavre
  • FlashBack
  • Darkstone
  • TopSpin 2 & 3
  • Etc...